24- The Next Chapter

235c508d6c94ff5f4dc4ebfb38fba790Graduating is a scary thing. Making the decision to leave the city where you’ve spent the past four years growing and changing is a scary thing. About a month ago, I made the decision to leave my current apartment and move home following graduation.

Even though Tampa has given me lots of memories and helped me grow as a person, I feel as if I’m meant to be back home. While Tampa is a great hub for millennials trying to advance their careers and gain experience, it lacks the familiar and comforting feeling I get whenever I return home.

I’ve faced counts of judgement for my decision to move but I have decided to ignore them because I need to do what is right and what is best for me. I have spent the past academic year worrying myself to death over what job I’m going to get, how much I’m going to make, and if it’s going to be enough to sustain me both emotionally and financially. The truth is worrying about these things is useless because it’s all out of your control, and I guess I’ve learned that the hard way. For now I have accepted the journey that I’m on and am no longer rushing myself.

As for UT, I am so thankful for everything it has given me. I have gained a sisterhood, two memorable and challenging internships, and a college degree that is worth millions in knowledge. All while spending these four years on the most beautiful campus that I could dream of and a part of me will always miss this city.



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